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Porous elastomeric polymer scaffolds for 3D in vitro cell culture.

Poly(glycerol sebacate) methacrylate (PGS-M) porous scaffolds support 3D in vitro cell culture. This permits more physiologically relevant laboratory investigations. The scaffolds may also be used as high surface area substrates for adherent cells in bioreactor culture.

PGS-M scaffolds are highly porous and biocompatible. PGS-M is elastomeric, with a Young’s modulus of ~1.5 MPa. This makes the PGS-M scaffolds far more compliant than alternatives available on the market which are produced from stiffer materials, such as polystyrene. The PGS-M scaffolds are disk-shaped and available in sizes to fit standard 48 well tissue culture plates.

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PGS-M 3D cell culture scaffold

Poly(glycerol sebacate) methacrylate 3D cell culture scaffold

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Academic licence PGS-M Scaffold 1.00

This is an academic licence for use by researchers at Universities, research institutes and other organisations for not-for-profit, academic research purpose. Preparation, shipping and handling charges will apply.

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Term: 12 months
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POA Licence 1.00

This is an commercial licence for use by commercial for-profit organisations commercial research purposes.

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Term: perpetual (does not require renewal)
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