CAT-QoL - a paediatric disease-specific measure of health related quality of life.

The CAT-QoL is a paediatric disease-specific measure of health related quality of life. This has been developed with children aged between 4- 7 years with amblyopia. The items (questions) are based on interviews with over 50 children who had (or previously had) amblyopia.
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The CAT-QoL is a disease-specific health related quality of life (HRQoL) measure for amblyopia in children between 4 - 7 years of age. It  has eight items (questions), which encompass physical, psychological and social aspects of daily life.  Each item has three response levels.The patients complete this questionnaire themselves, which has a recall period of a week.  


The CATQoL instrument was developed using “bottom-up” methods, and patient data was used at every stage in the instrument design.  The instrument has been shown to have good content and face validity.  The psychometric properties of the CAT-QoL instrument have been assessed following a multi-centre United Kingdom (UK) validation study.  A Rasch scoring conversion chart is available.

Seven treatment specific versions are available:

                  •     Glasses
                  •     Patch
                  •     Drops
                  •     Patch and drops
                  •     Patch and glasses
                  •     Glasses and drops
                  •     Glasses patch and drops
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